We have been given a stash of RG-58 and LMR-400 equivalent (plenum grade) coax cable in various lengths.  This is NOT UV stable which means great for indoors or for temporary situations like field day or short special events outdoors.  OK for mobile as long as it all stays inside the vehicle.

Donations are appreciated and go the the University Amateur Radio Club.

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Check out our inventory of ECG electronic components, Ham Radios and accessories, Ardunino and Spark Fun products, Power Pole connectors, Coax cable, connectors, and adapters.  If it is electronics components, we probably have it is stock.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding.  As we are working hard to launch production on the CR-12 shotgun, we need to be working in the shop where we cannot hear if you come in.  Therefore, we've had to lock the door while working out back.  If you stop by and the door is locked, please call us.  We are most likely just working in the back.