Welcome to the great 2018

Name Challenge

Name announcement and Drawing will be held

Wednesday February 28th at 12:00 noon.

Yes, we are considering a name change since most of our business is shooting sports related.  We will continue to carry radio and electronics but are considering to expand our shooting sports offerings.

Consider if there was a full service shooting sports complex here in Laramie:

  1.  What kinds of features, amenities, product or service offerings would you like to see?
  2.  What would you call it?

We would like to be your Laramie and Wyoming shooting sports one-stop service and supply company.  We are here to serve you with making your shooting sports and tactical  operations more enjoyable, fulfilling and safer. To that end, if we are to serve you, maybe we should ask you what you would like to see too?  No guarantees on what me might do but if you don't suggest something that you would like and we don't think of it, I can guarantee we won't add it.

To make this fun and to get you all involved,  we are going to give away some prizes.

First, for every valid suggestion you give us, we are putting your name into a drawing for a $50 in store gift certificate.

Second, if we select the name you suggested, you will receive a $100 in store gift certificate.

(Ties on name selections will be settled by a drawing. )

Thank you for your participation and support.