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Have you ever wanted the perfect rifle? Now is your chance to customize your weapon, your way.  Begin by choosing whether you want a rifle, or a pistol configured AR pattern weapon.  Then decide if you want an AR15 or AR10 pattern frame(Note: calibers available vary between frame size, caliber list below). After this, use our handy drop down menu to build the weapon out the way you want. Finally, choose how you want the weapon to be put together.  You have three options: 1. We build it for you, and it is ready to function the moment you get it in your hands, 2. We send it to you disassembled, with the required tools you need(except a torque wrench and a vice) to assemble it yourself, while watching along to our online armorers video, 3. The final option is our in person Armorers course, you will pick a time slot to come in, be taught by one of our armorers how to build your weapon, and even get to test fire it on our private range, you will also get to keep the tools you use to assemble your weapon.  

Common Caliber compatibility:

AR-15: .223REM, 5.56NATO, .300 BLACKOUT, 50 Beawolf  More calibers are available, please contact us if the caliber you are looking for is not available. 

AR-10: .308 WIN, .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, 12 GAUGE