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CR12 Tactical Shotgun

The CR12 is the world's first 12 gauge shotgun that is native to the AR-10 platform. This means that this revolutionary weapon system gives you the same controls as a standard AR/M4/M16 weapon system, with the potency and flexibility of a 12 gauge shotgun.  In addition to being a venerable 12 gauge, this weapon system offers the ability to switch calibers as fast as you can swap upper receivers. This means that this system can host any caliber that the AR-10 lower receiver can operate, meaning that to get a rifle in 308, 243, 6mm Creedmoor is as easy pushing the reciever pins and swapping the upper.  The buffer system in this platform is capable of handling most any caliber without swapping springs around.  the final revolutionary part of the CR12 is that it is the first direct gas impingment 12 gauge on the market.  This means that this weapon operates on the system the AR platform was meant to run on.