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The CR-12 Tactical Shotgun is the first in class box magazine fed, direct gas impingment tactical shotgun.  However, the CR-12 is more than just a shotgun, it is a modular weapons system, that is designed to meet any need the user has.  The CR-12 has been built off the AR-10 platform, which means that in addition to offer familiar controls, the weapon offers the ability to quickly change the caliber between 12 gauge and any caliber that the AR-10 lower is able to host.  In addition to the quick change ability of caliber, because of the design of the AR-10 upper receiver, any optic zeroed to a specific upper will maintain its' zero between swapping uppers.  

When you purchase a CR-12 from Wilkinson Tactical Outlet, it comes with 2 5 round magazines(Note: these are currently experimental magazines, if you purchase a weapon while the magazines are still experimental, you will receive 3 magazines when the final magazine design is completed. Note 2: this is a lmited time offer, if you receive the weapon with 2 of the final designed magazine you will not receive a 3rd).  Additionally, the weapons systems comes with a limited lifetime warranty, details of warrranty will be enclosed with the user manual).

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